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Executive Summary

Abranova is a full-stack real estate investment and construction development company. The core mission of the company is to democratize real estate development by providing investment opportunities to everyone through our real estate crowdfunding platform. Our investors are families; professionals; businessmen and equity institutions, just to name a few. We indulge our passion for data analytics, simulation technologies and construction management to handpick and develop the most profitable real estate deals in the city. We shoot for projects that are not only profitable, but also transform the landscape of our cities and enrich people's lives.

We've recently been successful in crowdfunding a $2.5M subdivision project that's based here in Durham. With a minimum of $4MM committed towards our next projects, we're looking forward to expand into more full-scale subdivision, mid-rise and multifamily developments in the near future.

Abranova Team

Jordan Rehlaender

Development Executive

Julia Xinjue Cao

Senior Development Analyst