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Who handles your on-site work on the real estate development deals you do?

As you already know by now, we're not fond of middlemen. We're construction engineers who operate as general contractors to deliver construction management services on all of our projects. Many real estate development firms waste a lot of investors' funds and project time simply because they're not engineers - they must rely on construction firms to do their walking. Our experience derived from some of the best construction firms in the US has exposed the inefficiencies of the real estate construction process first hand - and we're changing that.

Are you a construction company or an investment firm?

Good question - we're both, just better. Many people think of investment experts as the guys in suits working from the 30th floor of an office tower in downtown Manhattan. While we're more than qualified to work from the 30th floor in downtown Manhattan, we prefer to work from the construction trailer deliver the best possible value proposition. We're ivy-legue educated engineers and economists who leverage our passion for building, data, and technology to build inspiring structures while offering the best investment value and returns for our investors.

Why do you use a crowdfunding financing model instead of conventinal loans?

We have much higher aspirations than just simply adding more square footage of real estate on the Earth. We see ourselves as partners to investors who want to grow and diversify their wealth portfolios into real estate. We offer our investors an alternative to buying stocks or locking their wealth into a bank account. Quite so often, these traditional avenues don't offer any clue on the nature of businesses in which one's wealth is being invested in or spent on. At Abranova Real Estate, LLC, our investors know what they're getting into (real estate development and construction) and what they'll be getting out of it (profitable dividends) from day one.